Provide your patients with the most recent developments in legal protection.

Peace of mind for patients and fertility clinic physicians

By providing options, you are providing solutions. By making the Embryo Preservation Trust available to your patients, you are helping to have their future wishes honored while limiting the clinics’ and the physicians’ exposure to legal liability and increasing efficiency during office visits. In short, everyone wins.

Provide your patients with the most recent developments in legal protection.

Each patient has a unique story. The embryo trust can adjust accordingly to accommodate each family’s particular circumstances and wishes. Fertility clinics have generally relied on their consent forms to address disposal, disposition, donation, and similar issues.

Now you can offer your patients an alternative which not only addresses those issues but also allows them to give precise instruction regarding divorce, death, and changing life circumstances today and for generations in the future. This gives patients peace of mind and also gives clinics clear direction as to how to maintain and manage their embryos.

Limit the legal liability of the clinic and physicians.

Your practice already has enough forms. The Embryo Trust document becomes the controlling document in any court proceeding involving ownership or usage of the embryos. This greatly reduces the risk that you would be involved in the legal dispute.

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