Protect your frozen embryos, exactly as you wish.

The Ultimate Protection of Frozen Embryos for Fertility Patients

Every patient has a unique story, and each patient’s wishes are deeply personal, often guided by family circumstances, moral beliefs, and future plans. Whether your family is complete, or your journey toward building your family continues, there are many decisions fertility patients must make regarding the maintenance and disposition of your precious cryopreserved embryos. A trust is a legal document, recognized in every state, which allows you to clearly specify all of your wishes with extreme detail.

You maintain complete control of your trust while able to do so, and may amend the trust at any time. A trusted individual is named by you to carry out your wishes per the terms of the trust after you are unable to make decisions concerning your embryos. For instance, the new Trustee may be instructed to maintain the embryos in storage for a certain number of years, donate embryos to certain family members, infertile couple(s) or for use by educational institutions, dispose of some or all embryos at a specified time, etc. In short, potential scenarios are addressed today so that everyone involved can have peace of mind tomorrow.

A trust is unique because it is a separate entity which can survive your death. In fact, your trust is able to maintain and protect your embryos for up to 360 years if you choose.1 Also, trust assets are not probate assets, which means they pass directly by your terms at your death without court involvement. This not only avoids the uncertainty of court rulings, but it also maintains your privacy regarding your embryos.

In short, a trust gives you greater control for a longer period of time, limits court involvement, and provides clear guidance now and in the future.

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1. MS Code § 89-25-9 (2015)